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Are You Finding Buying a Property Tough?

You’re not alone.
A good majority of our clients have felt exactly the same way you’re feeling & have never looked back when working with AusInvesta Property Advisors.

We show you how to avoid:
– buying the wrong property
– being misguided by under quoting & false advertising
– wasting a lot of time & money

Have you been attending auctions with the hope of buying your next home or investment, only to get there & be blown out of the contest before it even starts?

Have you been watching the market move further & further ahead of you & feel as if you have missed the boat?

Don’t worry 95% of our clients at some point have felt frustrated, angry & feed up of spending a lot of their personal/free time looking at hundreds of properties that, on the surface seems ok, but in person weren’t what they seemed or at auction were blown out of the water by the opening bid.

Unfortunately real estate agents aren’t paid to accommodate buyers, in fact they are paid by their vendors to extract as much money as possible from buyers. Sellers put the sale of their property into the hands of a real estate agent, yet buyers are reluctant to engage an expert to help them buy one? It doesn’t make financial sense, as the stakes are probably higher when buying.

If you have been searching for property unsuccessfully for the last 6 to 12 months , its’s most likely you have missed a substantial amount of capital growth. But don’t stress we can help.

There are 3 underlying reasons why you hire property advisor/advocates

  • Their knowledge of multiple markets
  • Their relationships with agents and other property associated professionals in the industry.
  • Their experience to negotiate the sale and find properties you would never have thought & off market listings.

The six benefits working with an advocate brings you are:

6 benefits

AusInvesta Can:

  • Get you back on track by taking care of all the property searching
  • Keep you updated on a weekly basis on the progress of your property search & inspections
  • Short list suitable properties fast for you to inspect privately with us
  • Negotiate the best terms & price for you

How we do this:

Discovery Session: Usually 30 to 45 mins preferably face to face at our office in your home or Skype, here we go through your wants & needs to establish your property criteria & develop a strategic plan of action on how we can assist you.

Engagement:  You get what we do understand how we can make a difference & choose to engage our services.

Search & Shortlist: Once our engagement authority is signed & commitment fee paid the search begins, we market our clients purchasing profile amongst our agent’s, contacts & start searching online & off market for suitable properties.  Once a week our clients receive a weekly report of what we have found online & off market, what we have short listed & properties we have inspected on their behalf.

Property Tour: Within 3 weeks of engagement we structure a property tour of the properties we have short listed for you. Our Property Tours are generally done privately so we have all the time we need to properly show the properties.

Pre-Purchase Due Diligence: We provide all the property research including; Recent sale reports, Current Market Analysis, we can also if requested organise building & pest inspection, contract reviews & Quantity Surveyor Reports through our independent external trusted service providers. (We don’t accept any commissions or referral fees from any of our external service providers or partners).

Negotiations & Auction Bidding: Once we have chosen the properties you are interested in pursuing we begin negotiations immediately, we prefer not buy at auction but some properties this cannot be avoided & in that case we provide a strategy & are there to execute the strategy on your behalf.

Post Sale: Once we have secured the property we assist with any bank valuations & Quantity Surveyors & a fully detailed pre- settlement inspection report.

Property Leasing & Management: Our investors enjoy a seamless service when they choose to use our property management services we take care of every detail & will usually have a tenant ready to move in upon settlement.

AusInvesta provides a fully transparent service which means our clients are always in touch with what work is being done on their brief & we are available to chat & discuss their brief anytime throughout our engagement.

We don’t miss a thing & neither will you!


So if you would like some help, get in touch we’d love to hear from you!


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