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Buyer And Vendor Advocacy

“You make money when you buy real estate and you realise your profit when you sell”.

Creating wealth through property is considered one of the safest ways to create wealth, but the facts are most investors will buy a property without considering a few fundamentals that can have a significant impact on their investments performance. As your buyer agent or advocate we take care of the property search, we then short list the best properties in line with your purchasing criteria and objectives, we negotiate the best terms for you with one intention, to save you time and make you more money.

When selling your home there are two main objectives Best Price in the shortest amount of time. Our vendor advocacy service puts a professional in your corner to examine the best agents, scrutinise the marketing and sales campaign, negotiate the sale with the agents and advise you throughout the entire process to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Property Management, Residential – Commercial

AusInvesta Property Management takes care of the entire leasing and management process. Our team prides it’s self on managing every property as if it was our own. We can provide leasing and management advice before you purchase to ensure that your investment will perform as intended. We conduct annual portfolio reviews on your property/s, problem solve maintenance or tenant issues prior to advising on the most suitable cost effective solutions and keep you informed of exactly how your investment is performing, We have a tailored service that can take care of every aspect of owning a rental property whether its residential or commercial real estate. We have a guaranteed service level and offer multiple property packages ensuring you get the most out of your investments.

Development Acquisitions

In the development industry its common knowledge that the best deals never get to the open market. Unfortunately most real estate agents don’t understand the development process and 99% of the time they unknowingly set over the market expectations to vendors without any consideration of what it takes to get a development out of the ground. Through our experience, knowledge and existing relationships the AusInvesta team has a knack for finding development sites and getting behind closed doors.

Professional Negotiations - Auction bidding.

With nearly two decades of real estate experience the AusInvesta team prides its self on being master negotiators. Real Estate agents are legally bound to only negotiate on their vendor’s behalf. By employing AusInvesta to handle your negotiations you have a highly skilled negotiator who approaches the negotiation as if he was buying the property for themselves, we cut through all the BS and negotiation tactics employed by real estate agents. This means we can save you a massive amount of time and money by approaching the negotiation unemotionally and solely to achieve the best result for you.

Short Term Leasing and Executive Leasing

Do you have a property that could be fit for short term leasing? The rewards from converting your existing investment property into a short term rental property can be substantial but there are many factors to consider. Today there are many unprofessional uneducated and unlicensed operators in the short term management industry looking to make quick bucks of your property which can lead to significant financial distress to an investor with little to no recourse due to the unlicensed nature of the short term property rental market. Working with AusInvesta we can examine whether your property is suitable for short term and then we manage the entire process for you under the same legal terms and conditions enforced under the Victorian Rental Acts. We are comprehensively insured adding a further level of security to your investment.


Renovation can be a rewarding investment offering you a faster return than buy and hold.When done properly! It all starts by finding the right property in the right location for the right place.Then ut comes down to your trade and coordinating the renovation so that you minimize delays and budget overruns.Having done our own renovations over the course of several years we have built up a team of professional and reliable tradespeople that ensure that when we renovate a property we maximize the return, minimize the expense and construction timeline.

Foreign Investment and Acquisitions

AusInvesta assists foreign investors and foreigners looking to migrate to Australia by managing the entire buying process. AusInvesta has existing relationships with migration lawyers, property developers, finance brokers and accountants here in Melbourne. When you work with AusInvesta and our Alliance team you have a group of professionals all working to deliver a fantastic result for you.